Non-Profit Promotions That Grow Your Organization

Non-Profit Promotions That Grow Your Organization

More Donors, Volunteers, And Service Recipients

Mayflower Advising is dedicated to empowering non-profits to elevate their mission through strategic promotion and advertising. With a comprehensive suite of services tailored to enhance visibility, engagement, and funding, we offer a partnership that extends beyond mere consultation. Our services are segmented into three primary tiers, ensuring a customizable approach that fits the unique needs of each non-profit we collaborate with.

At the core, our Tier 1 service provides extensive support in securing and managing Google Ads grants, offering everything from application assistance to account setup and optimization. This foundational package is designed to help non-profits navigate the complexities of digital advertising with Google, without risking their own ad dollars, while ensuring they can maximize their visibility online with expertly managed campaigns and insightful analytics.

Expanding on this, Tier 2 encompasses advanced list building, email marketing, and SEO development strategies. This tier is crafted to deepen donor engagement and retention, leveraging personalized communication through newsletters, automated email sequences, and compelling content creation. Our approach is data-driven, focusing on performance analysis to continuously refine strategies for maximum impact.

For non-profits looking to significantly boost their fundraising efforts, Tier 3 offers specialized consulting in donation increase strategies. This includes a blend of digital and traditional fundraising methods, paid and organic social media advertising, video content development, and targeted network building on platforms like LinkedIn. Our partnership with leading fundraising firms and technology recommendations further enhances our clients' ability to achieve their fundraising goals.
Image of a group of non-profit volunteers working to clean up the beach using donor money that Mayflower Advising can help them receive through fundraising

At Mayflower Advising, we understand the importance of long-term engagement for sustainable growth. Our service packages are designed with flexible pricing models to accommodate the financial constraints of non-profits while ensuring strategies have ample time to yield measurable results. With a commitment to transparency, we provide regular performance reporting across all activities, ensuring our clients are always informed of their progress towards achieving their promotional and fundraising goals.

In essence, Mayflower Advising stands as a beacon for non-profits seeking to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Through our expert guidance, strategic planning, and dedicated support, we empower our clients to not only meet but exceed their promotional and fundraising objectives, making a lasting impact on the communities they serve.
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